The Crusade Calls Me, So I Go – Diablo 3 Akkhan Crusader Cosplay

By Saturday the 20th of June, 2015 Cosplay

Armor of Ah-what?

MegaCon has come and gone, and it’s time to set my sights on a new cosplay!

I’ve been itching to make a Diablo 3 costume, and really wanted to do something to top the last big build with my Skyrim armor. I’m an avid Diablo 3 player (although many may call my measly 300 paragon level merely “casual”) and really enjoy the play style of the Crusader. Before Diablo 3 Season 3 began, the Akkhan set was easily the most common armor set for Crusader players across the servers. So, I opted for making this Diablo 3 Armor not only because it is easily recognizable, but because come on – it’s really f*!?$ing cool! Check it out:

Diablo 3 Female Crusader in the Armor of Akkhan, from in game pause screen.

I began progress on the Armor of Akkhan back in April and only have a measly 10 weeks left until DragonCon 2015. I will post a few progress shots on the Journal, but check out my Facebook page for more frequent progress updates!

But for now, the Crusade Calls me… So I go!

Pauldrons of Akkhan being carved from expanding foam, next to reference photo from DIablo 3

Carving the Pauldron base from expanding foam

Pauldrons of Akkhan being fitted with EVA foam accents

Adding EVA foam strips for height and wear stability

Pauldrons of Akkhan being coated in clay

Pauldrons being coated in Paperclay

Pauldrons of Akkhan being coated in clay, and fitted for worbla accents.

Left: Paperclay after being dried and sanded
Right: Pauldron being fitted for worbla accent