An Evil Plot Unfolds… Spyro the Dragon Comes to Life!

By Tuesday the 12th of April, 2016 Cosplay

Spyro_the_Dragon_(character)Purple is my favorite color. Dragons happen to be my favorite creature. Do you think I would pass up the chance to combine two of my favorite things in to one oh-so-purple cosplay? Of course not! Spyro the Dragon has always been a must on my costume list, and I’m thrilled this costume is finally underway!

I first started playing Spyro the Dragon on the original Playstation back in 2000. The first game I played was the third in the series, “Spyro: Year of the Dragon,” and I loved it.  Not only did I love Spyro the purple dragon, I loved working out all the puzzles and secrets. I spent hours searching for dragon eggs, practicing my skateboarding skills, and discovering all the hidden skill points. I still enjoy playing the Spyro the Dragon on my Playstation 2, and I’m confident I will never outgrow his scaly charms.

Spyro’s personality confident, even borderline cocky. He is definitely quick to rush in headfirst and save the day. I thought the best way to show off his personality would be with an eye catching outfit. I say outfit because I did not want to make a literal representation of  Spyro as a Dragon. Rather, “people clothes” that show off Spyro’s true colors. Get it? Purple tie-in? Heh. Since I am still working on my sewing skills, I started with a this Simplicity costume pattern. There’s no shame in admitting you need some help every now and again! To start, I’m referencing pieces of pattern B. I also customized the bracer shape from pattern C. I’ll also be adding in some extra Spyro-esque touches like belly scales, pauldrons, and of course some wings!

Here are a few shots of my progress using the Simplicity pattern:

Spyro the Dragon purple crocodile vinyl upholstery fabric cut into corset pattern sections and laid out.

Purple crocodile upholstery fabric cut into corset pattern sections

Spyro the Dragon bracers, progress of purple crocodile fabric cut and pinned to purple lining.

Bracer pattern, cut and pinned to lining.

Spyro the Dragon purple circle skirt and pencil top laid out.

Circle Skirt and pencil top completed!

Spyro the Dragon costume - crocodile fabric corset and bracers completed and laced.

Corset and bracers sewn and laced – Complete with 46 total grommets!

Spyro the Dragon bracers, made of purple crocodile fabric, completed and laced.

Bracers completed and laced.

With the base of the outfit complete, I can now set my sights on additional details. I have already begun work on the golden dragon horns, and will be patterning the wings and pauldrons in the upcoming weekends. Keep a close eye on my Facebook page for the most recent progress!

Until then, “Looks like I’ve got some things to do!”