A Nord’s Best Friend

By Sunday the 8th of February, 2015 Cosplay, Props

As a graphic designer (and self proclaimed *Ar-teest*) I hope it comes as no surprise that I enjoy making costumes and props. I confess haven’t had nearly as much time in the past year to devote to them as I would like, but hey, a gal’s got to start somewhere!

**Update!** The Axe was completed in April 2015! View my updated build info here.

I thought it would be wise to start cataloguing my “slow and steady” cosplay adventures, starting with my newest endeavor – the Rueful Axe from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


This weapon comes from the quest “A Daedra’s Best Friend,” which can end with you choosing either The Rueful Axe or The Mask of Clavicus Vile as your reward. Typically I play a Khajiit and feel the Daedric Artifact would be much better suited for that particular play style – but I’ve got to think in this case, “What Would True Nords Do?” The answer is – keep that powerful axe of course!

I started with 2 squares of rigid insulation foam, and glued those together to get a nice, square starting point. From there I worked up my template in Illustrator, and once complete, scaled it up to the appropriate size I knew I had to work with.


To mark my path, I used the same method you might use when carving a pumpkin – Poke lots of dots!


Once my arm was thoroughly exhausted, it was time to start carving out the shape.



Sort of looks like an axe now, eh?  It was at t his point I realized I probably should have marked all of the lines – not just the outside! Lesson learned for next time. I just realigned my paper and began making more dots for the wolf head shapes.


Time to clean up those edges. This foam is a little bit fickle – so I used a 100 grit paper and went very lightly to avoid breaking off any big chunks.


Some close ups on the first side for you:


Sweet! Now to do it all over again. First stages of the opposite side:


First side with the major bits finished:


More to come as I make headway!

I already posted the final product of my Ancient Nord Armor (you can see it here), which the axe will be going with. I plan to also make a additional posts on how I made each part of the costume.

Thanks fellow citizens of Tamriel. Vah Su’um Ven.