MegaCon 2016 with Spyro the Dragon

By Tuesday the 31st of May, 2016 Conventions

As always, 2016 is flying by faster than I can keep track of. Even with a new set of shiny red and gold wings! This year for MegaCon 2016 I debuted my Spyro the Dragon cosplay. Check it out:

Spyro the Dragon cosplay at MegaCon Orlando 2016

For those who may not know, Spyro is a small, spunky dragon from a self titled video game series. To capture Spyro’s fiery attitude, I wanted to make a  a bright and bold plainclothes cosplay to bring him to life. At first I did question how recognizable the cosplay would be since it wasn’t literally a dragon costume. But, I was pleasantly surprised by how many people at the Con knew who I was! So thank you fellow original PlayStation-ers for loving Spyro as much as I do.

I am surprised no one asked me about Sparx the Dragonfly, though! I did not have time to finish him for MegaCon 2016, but rest assured that Sparx is in the works and will be accompanying this outfit ASAP.

Here’s a few shots of my time at MegaCon 2016:

Spyro the dragon cosplay portrait

Excellent Spyro portrait by Michael J Rose Photography

Spyro the dragon cosplay posing with Geralt of Rivia (The Witcher) at MegaCon 2016

I found Geralt of Rivia!

Spyro the Dragon with Princess Ariel, MegaCon2016

Met up with my friend, Princess Ariel! (Tracy of A to Z Cosplay)

Spyro the Dragon, posing outdoors with Dr. Who and Ash

Hangin’ in the bushes with Dr. Who and Ash

I also entered Spyro into the MegaCon 2016 costume contest. There were so many amazing costumes entered, including a gorgeous Princess of Persia cosplay by Eitanya Designs, and a picture-perfect Captain Ameila by Lizology Cosplay just to name a few. Alas, Spyro did not make the cut in a contest with such a high bar. So instead I’m looking forward to DragonCon 2016 where I’ll be back in Crusader mode for the Friday Night Contest.

Stay tuned: In June, I’ll be posting my first ever costume tutorial on how to make your own custom antlers for cosplay. But for now, Tiid Bo Viing!