Diablo 3 Crusader Cosplay Progress

By Friday the 26th of June, 2015 Cosplay

This past weekend, I had a MAJOR wake up call: DragonCon 2015 is less than 70 days away.

Most of you are probably thinking, “PFF, 70 days? So what?”

As a cosplayer working with limited time, to me this translates into “10 weekends.” Thats right folks, only 20 full days left for me to complete the Akkhan Crusader costume. At least I’ve always been the type who works best under pressure!

I thought it was about time I post up a bit of the progress so far, so here goes! A sampling of the Crusader gear I have so far. I’ll start with an inspiration photo in case you are not familiar with the Crusader set “Armor of Akkhan” from Diablo 3:

Armor of Akkhan Crusader costume progress, patterning the cuirass and adding worbla scales.

Patterning and creating the scales of the cuirass.

Crusader costume progress, adding LED light strings to the front of the cuirass.

Adding the LED’s to the cuirass

Armor of Akkhan cosplay progress, arm armor and sketches.

Right: Armor for the upper arms, elbows, forearms, and hands. Left: sketching the pattern for a couter (elbow).

Most of these pieces are made with worbla thermoplastic sheets (which I get from CosplaySupplies.com!). The exception is the pauldrons, which are made from EVA and expanding foam and paper clay… mostly. They have been my biggest challenge thus far, and still need a LOT of work before I can even begin painting. Check out the progress so far below!

Armor of Akkhan costume progress, initial construction of the pauldrons.

Skeleton of the left pauldron

Armor of Akkhan Crusader costume progress, expanding foam and EVA foam added to pauldron bases and sculpted into shape.

Foam carved for the base shape of the pauldrons

Check out my Facebook page for more photos and up-to-the-weekend progress shots!