Diablo 3 Armor of Akkhan Cosplay Update

By Tuesday the 11th of August, 2015 Cosplay

Just wanted to get a quick update out on my Diablo 3 Armor of Akkhan crusader cosplay. Here are a few recent shots of the breastplate, tabbard, gorget, boots, and the poleyns (knees) lit up with LED eyeballs!

Armor of Akkhan cosplay progress shots of the gorget, cuirass, tabbard, and lit up poleyns.

Armor of Akkhan selfie & LED’s in the skull eyes of the poleyns

Armor of Akkhan cosplay progress; Detail of the two skull poleyns (knee armor) before paint.

The skull poleyns (knee armor)

Armor of Akkhan cosplay, close up of worbla pieces being assembled on left boot.

Worbla pieces being assembled the left boot

Armor of Akkhan cosplay progress, detail of the waist pieces made of eight individual Worbla "scales" each.

Worbla “scale” tassets

So far I have 95% of all the costume construction complete – WOO! – and I even have 23 days left to paint! Oh… and also make an entire Legendary Flail (eek)! Good thing a tight time limit never scared me.

Painting should commence this week and through the next two at least, followed by the finishing touches! I plan to make at least one more update before DragonCon (labor day weekend), so stay tuned and check my Facebook for the most recent updates.

Well folks, the crusade calls me – so I go!

** UPDATE: September 2016: The Armor of Akkhan is complete! Check out the portfolio page to see my cemetery photoshoot with Dim Horizon Studio.