The Crusade Calls Me, So I Go

Crusaders of Sanctuary are holy warriors of the Zakarum faith. It was the cleric Akkhan who set the Crusaders on their path to purge Zakarum of Mephisto’s corruption. Even now, the Crusaders allow nothing to stand in the way of their mission to cleanse Sanctuary of all evil.

I love playing as a Crusader in Diablo 3. The “Armor of Akkhan” is one of the most powerful Legendary Sets available in Diablo 3, and remains my personal favorite armor “transmog” for Crusaders. So, in 2015, I set out on a personal Crusade to bring the Armor of Akkhan to life.


“Armored by faith, driven by duty, bound to kill the enemies of Zakarum.”

– A Crusader

What’s it Made Of?

Most armor pieces are made of Worbla’s Finest Art. There are 114 individual Worbla “scales” which make up the Rerebraces, Cuirass, Tassets, Cuisses, and Greaves. Each Gauntlet has 15 individual Worbla knuckles, and each Skull Polyen has 14 individual Worbla teeth. In total, I used approximately sixty-four square feet of worbla for this costume.

Other materials used include expanding foam, paper clay, several cotton and linen fabrics, Worbla TanspArt, Smooth-On’s Smooth-Cast 325, and battery powered mini LED’s. Of course I also used various adhesives, gesso, and acrylic paints for finishing. Photos of my progress are available in my “Armor of Akkhan” photo album on Facebook.

The completed armor consists of twenty-five pieces, each of which need to be donned in the correct order to fit properly. The costume took approximately eight months of work to complete, and won “Best Use of Props / Armor” in the 2016 DragonCon Friday Night Costume Contest.

Diablo 3 Crusader cosplay, "Armor of Akkhan." Costume is worn by Samantha, sitting on the steps of an oversized gravestone with two carved angels and cross. Holding Justinian's Mercy flail with both hands.